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I'm a shark, Pete. Everybody knows it.

And it's starting to show up in the polls.

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Birthdate:Mar 26
Nathan Petrelli: The Man In Front
Formerly a lawyer with the New York DA's office, Nathan Petrelli was a career-minded family man on the fast-track to political success. Riding the tides of a campaign plagued by tempests, he relentlessly pursued his goal of a seat in Congress.

In the midst of a marriage on the rocks, a sex scandal, a campaign contributor running a powerful Mafia syndicate, and contending with the superhuman abilites he was developing, as well as those being exhibited by his brother, Nathan won his campaign by illicit means, but sought his redemption by laying his life down in order to save the world. With his gift of flight, he stopped a nuclear explosion incited by his brother, Peter, and nearly lost his life due to radiation poisoning and burns over his entire body.

After an infusion of blood from Adam Monroe (aka Takezo Kensei), Nathan recovered fully from his injuries...but not from the devastation of the horrors he endured.
Another World: Searchlight (AU)
After recovering from his injuries courtesy of Adam Monroe and his brother, believing Peter to be dead, and having lost his wife during his convalescence, Nathan began a downward spiral into his own personal hell. Losing himself in a drunken stupor most of his days, his self-destructive path eventually led him back to Las Vegas...where his fall from grace began.

During his stay, he got into a barfight with several other men that, when they took it outside, revealed themselves to be far more than human. If not for the aid of a small group of young women led by a blonde vampire named Spike, he would likely have ended up as just another vampire statistic.

Brought back to the newly organized training house, Nathan not only had his wounds treated, but was given shelter by the Slayers and help in setting aside the booze as an anesthetic. As he slowly got back on his feet, Nathan learned more about the Slayers and who they were...what they did. Hesitantly confessing to his own abilities, he eventually asked to stay on and help in whatever capacity he could, hoping to get a fresh start far from the dark memories of New York, and even further from the machinations of his mother.

After a few weeks as a member of the group, Nathan's solid physical presence, ability to fly, and keen mind made him a prime candidate for Watcher training. After some discussion and thought, Nathan decided to pursue it, and has since been welcomed by the new Council as a Watcher-in-Training. Still currently living and working with the Slayers in Searchlight, Nathan is also working on passing the Nevada bar to practice law in the state.
Not Adrian Pasdar. Not Nathan Petrelli. HEROES and Nathan belong to Tim Kring, and Pasdar will belong to himself until he does something foolish like put himself up for auction at some kind of bachelor's charity slave auction. THEN y'all better watch out for me, the top bidder. :P
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